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2015 Season

2015 Season - Goodwood 73MM


After last year's revival and run out at the Goodwood 72MM and the Birkett Relay, the car was further fettled in preparation for the Goodwood 73MM.

With the Group-1 front brakes, I had found the brake pedal too hard and I was unable to lock them up, so had suggested to Mark that we change the master cylinder from 0.70” to 0.50”.

The Type 9 gearbox and the diff were rebuilt. The rear axle was found to be asymmetric and a replacement was built up. The car's front end had been tidied up to be more representative of the Mark 1 as last years had been a huge rush to get the car ready, the front had been left gaping; like a Basking shark!

The car had also benefited from a proper session on the rolling road that had significantly increased the power from 170bhp @wheels, that had obviously been in place for last year, to just over 190bhp. Still down on my best engine, but I calculated it should be worth about a second a lap.

Patrick Watts tested the car at Brands; above, and thought the brake pedal was now too long. Patrick suggested several improvements to the setup and tried to set a balance that he and I could use.

The front Master Cylinder was replaced with a 0.625” half way between what it had been and the 0.5". We also had to run a silencer this year as we were deemed too noisy! The car was all prepared and ready to go a whole week before the event!

Goodwood 73MM

Like last year we had a really fantastic time even though it was significantly cooler than last year. We'd hoped to participate in all the House Games but failed again.


We arrived at the circuit on Friday lunchtime, parked up in our box #217. The layout of the organisers offices had changed but otherwise sign on and scruntineering all went smoothly.

Lord March and his team gave the drivers briefing in the Great Hall. It was only there one appreciated just how many drivers were present.

I met again with friends from last and previous years racing in CTCRC; including Peter Mallet and Ken Clarke.



Classification and Sector Analysis

Practice was as 0900 for both drivers. It was decided that Patrick would go out first for 3 or 4 quick laps to set a time and then let me see out the session getting some proper track time in.

I took the car down to the assembly area and discovered that the brake pedal was going to the bulkhead although the car was stopping. The team immediately investigated and discovered that the Aeroquip hose to the rear brakes was leaking before the union to the hydraulic handbrake. They applied a temporary fix in the form of Mole grips on the rear brake line.

Patrick when out for 5 or 6 laps and recorded a 1’33.089” compared to last year’s 1’35.781”; albeit having only given Patrick one flying lap. I’d managed a 1’39.750” well down on my target of 1' 35" but as quick as my best lap last year.

I'd spun and gone off on the inside of St Mary's, but had continued and I'd finished the session but the car felt a little loose at the front. Patrick had qualified in 11th the same position as last year though 2 secs quicker; but so was everyone else!

The team stripped and rebuilt the front end having discovered that I had ‘popped’ both front ball joints. Patrick also asked for the front rollbar and dampers to be stiffened further, They also repaired the brake line and restored the braking.


Though we'd had great intentions for the team and our guests to enjoy the Saturday night party, it was so much colder than last year, that we decided to leave early.

Gerry Marshall Trophy Race #1:

Classification and Sector Analysis

As last year the Gerry marshall event was divided in 2 with the amateur/owners driving on Saturday to decide the grid for the Pro/Am race on Sunday

We drove out to the grid and then waited 30mins for the Grid Walk. I had noticed a severe vibration through the steering wheel on the way out but there was nothing we could do about it. Once I was strapped in I realised we hadn't turned cameras on!

I had a reasonable start but once the race got up to speed my 1’39s were not fast enough. The vibration was very bad at steady state; ie not braking, accelerating or cornering, but fine otherwise. Accurately steering down the straights was a challenge as my glasses were bouncing on my face!

I finished 17th having had an enjoyable race with Peter Clements in his Ford Escort and Peter Mallet’s Rover. I’d lost a lot of time going wide a couple of times at the first corner; Madgewick. My best time was 1’38.340, still terrible but faster than last year. I needed to be in the 1'33s" as my peers were all doing 1'33 to 1'35s and the leaders were under 1'31s.

Patrick was certain that the wheel bearings were the cause and probably knocked by my off in Qualification. They were rechecked and greased on Sunday morning.

The car was the quietest vehicle on site and could have raced at Brands Hatch!


Gerry Marshall Trophy Race #2:

Classification and Sector Analysis

The strategy was for Patrick to run an extended first stint; right to the end of the driver change window. I messed up the cameras again! Patrick shot off at the start and soon made up an enormous number of places as did Tiff Needell in Peter Mallet's Rover that had started just in front of us.

The strategy worked brilliantly as Patrick scythed his way through the pack ultimately getting to 3rd from 17th, even allowing for most of the other cars pulling in for driver changes it was a great effort. Then the Safely Car was called out as a result of an incident between a Capri and Dolomite on the outside of Madgewick. Tiff Needell; who was driving brilliantly, and Peter Mallet were doing the same strategy and were similarly affected by the Safety Car coming out just as they were coming down Lavant straight and to come in. (The Safety Car closed the Pit Lane).

All the cars bunched up. Patrick had been 45s behind Tiff and at least 30sec ahead of rest.

On the eventual change over, by which time everyone had caught up over 3 mins and passed, Patrick told me that 5th gear had broken on the start

My times hovered around the 1’40s” for too long but the last laps were in the 1’37s and the last lap was my fastest on a 1’37.794. The vibration had gone but we were pushing the engine to its limits in 4th down the main straights. Even though we had a stellar driver change I was going backwards at over 5 secs a lap and we came in 10th.

The tyres were like treacle in the parc ferme.

Patrick had thoroughly enjoyed his run but I was and am very disappointed with my lack of progress which must improve for next year should we be invited back.

Post Meeting

The number one lesson from the 73MM is I need to get more seat and track time. The racecar is very expensive to run but I can drive around Goodwood in anything and perhaps take one of their instructor courses. I also need to get the racecar more often if I can.

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