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2000 Season

2000 Season

After an eventful 1999 season the car was being re-fettled:-

My third season with the car was even more eventful as I managed to hit the hard stuff on several occasions and seriously damage the car. I hit the tyre wall at the bottom of the Mountain in front of the medical centre while testing at Cadwell in atrocious conditions, just as I was about to put it away! I suffered red mist at Lydden Hill and went off at Devil's Elbow at the bottom of Hairy Hill, after a stunning 150m spin through Paddock Hill corner. Unfortunately Steve Jones the photographer got it all! Both instances resulted in the chassis being pushed back about 30mm.

Like the previous year, several other drivers got to drive the car, Ken Clarke who drove it at Pembrey, Jon Owen who drove it at Brands Hatch and Spa (despite recovering from Bronchial Pneumonia) and Tim Clarke who helped run it in again at Bruntingthorpe test ground.

At Spa, I broke the car again, this time it slipped out of 4th going through Eau Rouge, much faster than before and I backed off. Instead of pushing it back into 4th, I used 3rd and seriously buzzed the rotors under full power! 2.5 miles later the engine had the characteristic blown rotor sound and brown rain up the windscreen.

I'd driven the car much harder than previous years and at some circuits I was starting to get with the big boys, where I'm finding the racing very 'positive' and not much quarter is given. (see Rule 5 @Velominati)

The budget also got a little of control.....and She doesn't understand!

Preparation for 2000

In the off season I invested in having the RX7’s bodywork sorted out. Tim Clarke of Boxridge did a brilliant job in tidying the panels up and Dave Axisa of Paulerspury Coachworks, who looks after Nigel Garrett's Dolomite, did a superb job on the paintwork.
For the first time in 4 years I had the LEDA dampers fettled and re-valved to match the spring rates.
I cryogenically treated all the discs,(see F1 technology for club racers) even though they were not new and will be closely monitoring their performance and surface condition. The master cylinders were changed to make better use of the Hawk Blue 8012 pads.
The Armtech Tacho was sent back to OMEX in Cheltenham, who own Armtech, for re-calibration and a software upgrade to stop the erratic behaviour a high revs. The ignition coils were replaced with later Mazda units giving 50KV.

The driveshafts were Cryogenically treated, as was a spare Crown wheel and Pinion.
Boxridge rebuilt the gearbox using Quaife steel synchro rings, replacing the bronze rings. While the bronze rings cause less chatter damage to the gear face, they crack after about 300miles use.
Boxridge rebuilt the exhaust back box to make it more easily dismantlable for repacking and to make it seal better.

Race Meetings 2000

Table abbreviations: Q: Qualifying, R: Race,  CL: Class Leader, Fastest lap times
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Very Hot - Brake fluid boiling in reservoirs!

Date 2000 Circuit Qualify/Race Fastest Laps Comments
18 Mar Silverstone, Northants 98:1'14.77" DNF 3 spins!
99Q:1'14.28 R:1'12.05" DNF 2 spins! CL-1'10.97"
00Q:1'14.50 R:1'12.46" 9th/3rd in class

2 April Mallory Pk, Leicester 99Q:57.60 R:Wet 1'15.51 CL-1'09.5"
00Q:1'02.22 6th/2nd icWet R:DNF

Misfire in practice. Gearbox tail shaft broke on 2nd lap

16 April Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire 98:1'53.45"
99Q:1'53.01" R:1'51.75
00Q:1'53.80" R:1'50.62" 5th/1st ic CL-ME!!!
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Race Report

13/14 May Brands Hatch, Kent - Sprint 98: 56.56"
99Q:61.13" R: 60.17" CL-57.48")
00Q:? R: DNF

Swarf in new fuel tank ruined race running 5th with leaders
Race Report

13/14 May Brands Hatch, Kent - 1Hour Driver#1 Jon Owen Q:58.57" 3rd
Driver#2 Ian Cowley Q:60.11 7th
Combined giving us 3rd on grid. Race finished 3rd
Individual Qualification Result & Combined Qualification

Brilliant Race
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29 May Mallory Pk, Leicester 99Q:57.60 R:Wet 1'15.51 CL-1'09.5"
00Q:57.50 R:56.46 8th/3rd ic CL-55.29

Race Report

18 June Lydden Hill, Kent 00Q:51.09 R:53.92 Crashed!!!
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Race Report
1st Incident !:-

2nd Incident very soon after!!

All Over!

2 July Thruxton, Hants 98:1'38.50"
99QW 1'49.59" RW:2'11.05"
00Q:1'36.52 R:1.35.38 9th/3rd ic CL-1'31.98
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23 July Snetterton, Norfolk 98:1'26.86"
00Q:1'27.58 R:1'28.19 6th/3rd ic CL-1'24.72
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Race Report
Race Protest Defence

5 August Oulton Pk, Cheshire 98:Fosters 1'17.36"
99Q:Island 2'15" R:2'15
00Q:1'43.35 R:1'44.79 7th/4th ic CL- 1'42.74
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19/20 August Pembrey, Wales
Sprint Race v hot&dry
99Q:1'13.35" R:1'12.33
000Q:1'10.67" R:1'10.30 7th/4th ic CL-1'08.85"
Results & Qualification

19/20 August Pembrey, Wales
1 Hour Race with Ken Clarke

98:not raced
99Q:2'23.83 combined R: 1'11.82 JOwen
00Q-IC:1'11.10 Q-KC 1'10.92 3rd R:1'11.09 3rd/2 ic
Results & Qualification

Examples of how not to take the hairpin

8-10 Sep SPA Belgium 99Q: JO managed 3'13", IC managed 3'18" in practice. JO did 3'06" in race. IC no race engine dead
00Q-JO: 3'10" Q-IC:3'15" R:3'06" 12th/1st ic
1 Hour Results Trophee Saloon Results

Great circuit, Jon did well with his Pleurisy.
I blew a rotor in last race.
Paddock Area & Start Times

23/24 Sep Knockhill, Scotland 98:n/r Missed
14/15 Oct Snetterton, Norfolk 98:1'26.86"