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1999 Season

1999 Season

My second season with the car didn't get of to a good start, ending in the kitty litter at Copse, Silverstone. During the season it was realised that the car was far too stiff, especially at the rear. This made it next to undriveable in the wet and contributed to first major off into the Armco at Oulton park.

Several other drivers got to drive the car, Jon Owen who drove it at Pembrey and Spa, Tim Clarke who drove it at Bruntingthorpe, and Ken Clarke who drove it at a CCC Magazine day at Snetterton. They all recognise the car as being very fast but tricky to drive through the bendy bits.

At Spa we had our first mechanical failure when the welds in the Distributor holding the vacuum advance plate to the mechanical advance plate fractured, allowing the unused VAP to move around adjusting the timing! Even with this problem Spa was well worth the visit.

The car was called up at the very last minute to appear in Car & Car Conversions magazine (Jan 2000). Despite having been advised that the car was supposed to be put away for the winter and was tatty, the journalist made few allowances. It also ran out of fuel during the final parade photo session! We'd forgotten that it burns 70L/hr!

Race Meetings 1999

Table abbreviations: Q: Qualifying, R: Race,  CL: Class Leader, Fastest lap times
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Date 1999 Circuit Qualify/Race Fastest Laps Comments
13 Mar Silverstone, Northants 98:1'14.77" DNF 3 spins!
99Q:1'14.28 R:1'12.05" DNF 2 spins! CL:1'10.97" +1.5%
Qualification & Results

Set up car with Chris Maries on Friday. Car is good as he did 1'09.67". Landed in Copse gravel after 3 laps in practice and again on last lap of race! Was consistent in 1'12" bracket

21 Mar Thruxton, Hants 98:1'38.50"
99Q:1'49.59" very wet R:2'11.05" even wetter.
Qualification & Results

Nightmare of a meeting. Car felt awful in practice (20th). In race couldn't keep car in straight line. Lapped twice, finished 21st :-(. Discovered rear dampers had no bolts on top mounts!

17 Apr Oulton Pk, Cheshire 98:Fosters 1'17.36"
99Q:Island 2'15" v wet R:2'15 dry
No Timesheets

NIGHTMARE!! Did 4 safe laps in rain then sped up and Crashed after bridge at Clay Hill. (Pin balled between barriers for 150m and destroyed offside front wheel) Repaired damage, but sump plug fell out 2nd lap in race just past Cascades. Just as well as we'd left one standard Sparkplug in..could have destroyed engine! NIGHTMARE!!

9 May Cadwell Park, Lincs 98:1'53.45"
99Q:1'53.01' dry
99R: 1'51.75 dry
Qualification & Results

Q:+3.9% CL, +1.1% of next in Class. 5th in Class. Race great start running 5th, but spun in Mountain! Finished 7th overall, 4th in Class. R:+ 1% CL. car did 7.6MPG!!

24/25 July Pembrey, Wales
Sprint Race v hot&dry
99Q:1'13.35' dry
99R: 1'12.33 dry
Qualification & Results

Q:+5% CL Poor! R:+3.2% CL 11th o/all, 4thnin Class. Brakes were suspect and had big tank slapper from Spitfires to Dibeni, but No spins!
Pictures are of a driver getting a bit frustrated at not being able to get past RX-7 on straights!
Hatchetts hairpin Hatchetts hairpin Hatchetts hairpin Hatchetts hairpin

24/25 July Pembrey, Wales
1 Hour Race with Jon Owen, v hot&dry
98:not raced
99Q:2'23.83 combined
99R: 1'11.82 JOwen
Qualification & Results

Started 4th on grid! running 3rd. T boned on lap 13. Lost 65 secs in pit changeover. IC started with 70L fuel 1'14-1'12s. JO ran 1'12-1'11s. Finished 6th o/all. No Spins! 9MPG

8 Aug Mallory, Leics
Wet (Monsoon!)
99R: 1'15.51 (leader 1'09.5")

Q:+3.5% CL 5th o/all R:nightmare couldn't see out of w/screen survived to finish last. Car felt good, just couldn't see.

22 Aug Snetterton, Norfolk 98:1'26.86"

Granny's birthday party (93) so will miss it.

4/5 Sept Brands Hatch, Kent 98: 56.56"
99R: 60.17" (CL 57.48")

Circuit has changed. Paddock is more dangerous than before rather than a challenge. Hit Steve Higgs on 1st lap going through Paddock. Kept on pushing him straight so he didn't spin.

11-12 Sep SPA Belgium Loads of practice 35laps between 2 of us.
JO managed 3'13", IC managed 3'18" in practice
JO did 3'06" in race. IC no race engine dead

Best race circuit I've ever been to. Luckily it was dry. AWESOME. Jason Minshaw's Mustang was doing 2'50s" so pleased with JO's 3'06"
Can't wait for next year. The Spa Report.

26 Sep Mallory, Leics 98:n/r

Missed - Engine rebuild

3 Oct Castle Coomb, Somerset -

Missed - Engine rebuild

31 Oct Donnington Park, Leics 98:n/r
99: Not recorded

Gearbox kept sticking in 4th. Still as fast as some V6 Capri's stuck in 4th and pulled from 2000rpm!