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1998 Season

1998 Season

This was my first full season of racing in my own car. There were several problems with the overall suspension setup especially with the rear. I was also less than skilled in my driving!.

It got better and I ended up only 1% off the Class leader (CL in the table)

During 1998 it was found that the rear suspension was becoming spring bound and mechanically locking up. The rear springs were also changed from 300lb/in to longer 275lb/in. The sudden tendency to spin had been removed. The front was tried with 300lb/in springs but was reverted to 250lb/in.

The Quaife internals Type 9 gearbox has also benefited from a more rigid than standard, Quaife top plate, which also has a larger than standard vent.

The car is still geared @9,000rpm for 185kph (115mph) in 4th, 212kph (132mph) in 5th, with 195x60x13 Dunlop D84Js.

Typical bridge port sound

The gearbox has been rebuilt. Main shaft bearing had failed and synchros and baulk rings replaced (bronze). A new bellhousing was made as we weren't to happy with the alignment of the original item.

Things to do include: Carb Airbox, Exhaust Silencing (for 105dB@5500rpm), Ride Height (100mm), Fuel tank for 1 hour, Pedal realignment and lever ratios.

July 98: The front struts now sit on custom fully adjustable mounts.

Sept 98: The suspension has been aligned and set-up; 6deg castor, -2.75 camber.

Race Meetings 1998

Table abbreviations: Q: Qualifying, R: Race,  CL: Class Leader, Fastest lap times
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Date 1998 Circuit Qualify/Race Fastest Laps Comments
14 Mar  Silverstone, Northants

Q:1'17.62" (CL 1'11.82" +8%) 
R:1'14.77" Spun into Copse Gravel on lap7. DNF . (CL 1'11.54": +5%)
Qualification Times & Race Results

Race Report

Harder than it looks, best lap 1'14.77" (3 secs off class winner). Hopefully no damage to car, only Pride! Spun 3 times in race and put myself in Copse gravel in both practice and race!
Copse Corner Copse Corner Luffield2 Luffield2

21 Mar  Oulton Park, Cheshire

Q:1'18.86" (CL 1'13.51" +7%) 
R:1'17.36" (CL 1'13.13" +6%)
Race Results
Qualification Times & Race Results

Race Report

Spun at Old Hall in practice and turned the fuel pump off at the start of the Green Flag lap! Finished! 9th out of 13, 6th in class.
Fosters Fosters Lodge Lodge

5 Apr  Snetterton, Norfolk Q: 1'35.30" (CL 1'26.10" +11%) 
R:Very wet 
Qualification Times

Race Report

Had previously raced the Sunbeam here. Problems starting car. Race in downpour, case of survival - finished! Couldn't see through windscreen as inside of car was 35+C..Steam room!
Russell Chicane Russell Chicane Russell Chicane Russell Chicane

18-19 Apr  Pembrey, Wales Q:1'15.04" (CL 1.09.47" +8%) 
R:1'15.31" (CL 1'09.68" +8%)
Qualification Times & Race Results

Race Report

Raced here and should have done well. Spun 4 times in race and lost confidence. (Since found rear end problem). Finished 17th out of 20, 5th in class. Also (written 2009) example of going too fast into a hairpin and making a mess of it!
DibeniHairpin Hairpin Hairpin Hairpin

10 May Cadwell Park, Lincs Q:1'57.51" Class leader 1'50.37": 6.5% Off 
R:1'53.45" Class leader 1'47.54": 5.5% Off
Qualification Times & Race Results

Race Report

Never raced here, so practiced half day before! Finished 7th out of 17, 4th in class and not lapped!

7 Jun Thruxton, Hants Q:1'57.75" (CL 1'49.05" +8%) 
R:1'38.50" (CL 1'35.97" +2.5%)
Qualification Times & Race Results

Race Report

Raced once in a very slow car which blew up! Practice was wet and covered in diesel (trucks) and rear damper was unbolted! Race was dry but punted off at end of first lap. Finished 9th out of 17, 3rd in class. Couldn't even stay with Sunbeam 1600!

28 Jun Lydden, Kent Missed

Never raced here, v.tight

9 Aug Mallory, Leics Missed

Have raced here

22-23 Aug Brands Hatch, Kent Missed 

Never raced in anger! Only ARDS

11-13 Sep SPA Belgium Not Eligible!

International license req'd

27 Sep Brands Hatch, Kent Q: 57.94" (CL 56.00" +3.5%) 
R: 56.56" (CL 55.89" +1.1%)
Qualification Times & Race Results

Race Report

Dry & Sunny. Getting much better. Only 30 secs in 11'13" off outright winner. Now have to learn to race!

11 Oct Snetterton, Norfolk Q: 1'33.96" (CL 1'30.82" +3.5%) 
R: 1'26.86" (CL 1'26.02" +0.9%)
Qualification Times

Race Report

Uncomfortable in practice, track wet & very greasy.  Dry, sunny, windy for the race. Had best start yet, but on third lap was taken through Sears faster than ever before...bottled and span..and once again on lap 6.  Finished 14th overall 57.5s behind winner, 5th in Class 48.3 sec behind CL. 
This car could win Class here!

1 Nov Donnington Park, Leics Probably miss

Spun many times at Redgate in wet, when racing the Sunbeam 
They're trying to force 9 races in. With winter NOT A CHANCE!