Yelwoc Motorsport

1997 Season

1997 Season

This was my first season with my own car. It was still very under developed as was the driver!
The rear springs were 300lb/in and the front was tried with 350lb/in springs.
The Ford Type 9 (Capri) gearbox with Quaife internals was allowed by the CSCC as the ratios are identical to the Mazda Competition box and the standard unit would explode!

The car is geared @9,000rpm for 185kph (115mph) in 4th, 212kph (132mph) in 5th.

Race Meetings 1997

Table abbreviations: Q: Qualifying, R: Race,  CL: Class Leader, Fastest lap times
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Date 1997 Circuit Qualify/Race Fastest Laps Comments
3rd Aug Mallory

In the Paddock at Mallory Park and Actually on track if not strictly racing!
Far right picture at Mallory Park's Devil's Elbow missing the apex by the width of a Camaro!
Finished at the back!

Paddock Paddock Devil's Elbow

28/29 Jun Pembrey

The Rover #17 and the Chevrolet C31 based motor home were Jon Owen's.

Paddock Paddock Paddock Paddock
1/2 Nov Donnington

The speed of the car in a straight line made up for my inability through the corners!