Advanced Racecar Technology


This business is dormant but we may still be able to assist anyone who's interested in these technologies. We certainly believe in them

ART hope to bring the technologies aimed at the top echelons of motorsport into the reach of club racers.

Over the last few years we had been looking for engine coatings and re-surfacing treatments for the Wankel rotary engine. The engine wears out like any other and is very similar to a racing 2-stroke, in that most of the performance gains are by working the ports. Replacement housings are not that expensive, though increasingly rare, especially the 12A housings; but the port work is and there is no guarantee of duplicating previous success. Hence our interest in reclaiming old engines.

We found two companies of interest. Both companies have products that not only benefit modern components but are also well suited to older engines and components used in our cars.

Neither of these companies have the infrastructure to support a multitude of low volume, low value customers, while at the same time wishing to develop their exposure in national Motorsports.

As a result of the discussions, Advanced Racecar Technologies (ART) Ltd. was setup to represent these companies and to provide cost effective solutions to club racers. ART will collect, or receive, components and create batches of work, which will be processed and returned to, or collected by the client. In this way, it is economically viable for the supplier companies to offer realistic pricing. The components will be fully insured during this process.

Other technologies will be to added to the portfolio, but initially ART will provide 2 technologies:-

  • Coatings to provide high technology engine coatings for high performance motorcycle and car engines.
  • Cryogenic treatments of largely metallic components, reducing fatigue and stress fracturing, and also improving the overall strength of the materials.

We believe that these two company's technologies are complimentary to each other.

We expect the majority of business to be between October and March.

If you, your engineers, or engine builders are interested, please contact us.

  • Ian Cowley,
  • MD Advanced Racecar Technology Ltd,

The Costs

For budgetary purposes only and subject to contract, etc., the charges would be in the region of (c2008): (Based on 4-cylinder, as part of batch)


  • Bores, including finishing £500
  • Piston Crowns £80
  • Gudgeon Pins £20
  • Piston Rings £20


  • Complete Engine £400
  • Crankshaft and Conrods £200
  • Complete Transmission £150
  • Brake Discs (each) <£50 Depending upon size & weight